Daily Presort Services

Daily, reliable, cost effective

Presorted Mail is first class mail that is sorted by zip code and "automated" with a postal bar code. The Postal Office gives a lower rate for mail that is processed in this way.

Simply, leave your unsorted mail in the EDMS tray, we'll pick it up, bar code it, sort it by zip code and deliver it to the Gateway Post Office each afternoon.

Because presorted mail takes much less time for the Post Office to process, EDMS receives up to a $.09 per piece discount, which is passed back to our customers.

Presort Benefits:

  • Immediate Postage Savings
  • No Initial Costs
  • Eliminate a trip to the Post Office
  • Daily Afternoon Mail Pickup
  • Metering available (saving you even more on meter rental)
  • Labor Savings
  • Mail arrives as fast, or faster to it's destination
  • Address verification

An ideal candidate for Presort Services is any organization doing more than 2,000 pieces of first class mail per month.