Presort Mailing Services

Daily, reliable, cost effective

Presorted Mail is first class mail that is sorted by zip code and “automated” with a postal barcode. The Post Office gives a lower rate for mail that is processed in this way.

Simply leave your unsorted mail in the EDMS tray, we’ll pick it up, barcode it, sort it by zip code and deliver it to the Gateway Post Office each afternoon.

Because presorted mail takes much less time for the Post Office to process, EDMS receives up to a $.09 per piece discount, which is passed back to our customers.

Presort Benefits:

  • No Initial Costs
  • Immediate Postage Savings
  • Labor Savings
  • Address Verification
  • Metering available (saving you even more on meter rental)
  • Daily Afternoon Mail Pickups – Eliminate a trip to the Post Office
  • Mail arrives as fast, or faster to it’s destination
  • An ideal candidate for Presort Services is any organization spending more than $500 a month on postage or equipment charges.
Presorting Services

Variable Data Processing

A secure and seamless transfer of data

The Data Processing division at EDMS eliminates the need to allocate your resources to the daily and monthly task of processing customer invoices and statements.

EDMS is the expert in printing variable data and mailing it in the most cost-effective manner.

Our secure FTP site allows for fast and easy transmission of your data. We print on Digital Production Printers then fold and insert using only the most automated equipment. The correspondence is then sorted, barcoded, and delivered to the post office for fast delivery.

Data Processing Division Services:

  • Processes lists to verify USPS deliverability
  • Updates addresses for people who have moved
  • Prints and processes billing statements and invoices
  • Flexibility such as duplexing and statement merging Mail Merge Documents
  • High quality addressing that is OCR readable allowing for maximum postage discounts
  • Simplification translates to savings, and one less worry
  • Securely holds mailing lists
  • Management of stationery and envelope inventory

Direct Mail and Production Services

Helping Our Customers Grow

From postcards to tabloid-sized fliers, no one processes your marketing materials better than EDMS. With postal requirements continuously changing, it’s important to work with an expert.

EDMS offers:

  • Volume mailings from 200 pieces up to 3 million
  • Color or Black and White printing capability
  • Mailing lists – tailored to your demographic needs
  • List management
  • Use of EDMS mail permit at no cost
  • Assistance with obtaining nonprofit permit
  • Nationwide processing
  • Folding / Inserting / Tabbing
  • State of the art ink jet addressing, and bar coding
  • Specialized handling, including collating, assembling, name matching, hand inserting and labeling – even stamps
  • Quick turn-around
  • Same day mail pickup from your business
  • Emergency and rush processing
  • Free consultation!


EDMS Fulfillment Services can be your third-party warehouse that prepares and ships your orders! Using a fulfillment service is a great option enabling clients to avoid dealing with packing and shipping. If you’ve grown beyond your existing warehousing capabilities to a point where fulfillment is interfering with your core business – give us a call!

EDMS has over 12,000 sq. ft. to store your product, catalogues, sales materials, trade show equipment, or anything else that eats up your valuable space and staff time. We already know the best way to mail / ship. Many EDMS fulfillment customers find that they pay less overall by using EDMS than they were just in shipping costs alone!

Insert Services

Are you folding, stuffing, and sealing your own mail? EDMS Inserting services can ease your pain. Running three production inserters, EDMS inserts thousands of mail pieces per day! We are scaled to run jobs from a few hundred, to over 100,000 pieces in a short period of time – both first class and bulk. Processing your mail at both high speed and accuracy is our CORE business. We have clients that use us from once a day to once a month. If manually inserting your mail is using up valuable staff time (and giving you paper cuts!) give us a call!

Insert Services

Metering Services

A postage meter can be a big cost for a company. Rental fees, maintenance contracts, ink, meter tape, and staff time can all add up! How much is your meter costing your company per piece? An example would be a company paying $300 a month for a meter and doing 1,000 pieces of mail a month – that comes out to a $.30 per piece premium for owning a meter (plus postage)! By contrast, EDMS charges $.031 per piece. We currently run four meters capable of doing a combined 1,000 pieces per minute. If you are considering renewing or purchasing a meter, we are more than happy to help you calculate an ROI!


Printing Services

EDMS does more than just mail! Over the past few years, we have increased our printing capabilities dramatically! We run four production digital printers – we can meet your color or B&W printing needs quickly and professionally. Postcards, flyers, newsletters, and invoices are common jobs for us. We can print any size from a business card to a full color 13 X 19 poster! We are priced competitively, too – call for a quote!


Bulk Mail Services

Bulk mail is a highly effective way to communicate to your customer! It is the only way to deliver your message to a specific address, at the time of your choosing! Bulk mail can also be confusing – there are many USPS rules pertaining to paper thickness, folding, address placement, and tabbing (wafer sealing) – AND – these rules change on an almost annual basis! EDMS not only has industrial bulk mailing equipment, but we keep up on all the latest regulations. We are happy to help you with your bulk mailing project at any stage – from a list and a print file – to accepting a printed piece and simply doing the mail preparation and paperwork.


Courier Service -Pick Up and Delivery

A huge advantage of working with EDMS is that we run nine regular routes every weekday. We cover all of Eugene / Springfield, as well as the Corvallis/Albany area! We can also schedule special pickups from Roseburg to Portland. We pick up most bulk mailings for no charge and bring back extras as well. Our box truck can take up to four pallets!

Political Mailings

Political mailings are another important part of our business. Campaign managers love our competitive pricing and quick turn times! We know timing and messaging is everything for candidates running for office – let EDMS help you reach your target – locally and statewide!